As one of the most popular mobile games, League of Legends mobile version has drawn players’ attention. Among the game’s various functions, lottery draws have always been a highlight for many players. In this article, we will introduce how to draw skins in the League of Legends mobile game.

The Ways of Obtaining Lottery Draw Tickets

In the League of Legends mobile game, there are mainly three ways to get lottery tickets: Daily Log-in Rewards, Mission Rewards, and Game Shop Purchases. Daily Log-in Rewards are simple and easy to obtain, and logarithmically increase with continuous logins. Mission rewards can be obtained after completing certain tasks or quests in the game, and the number of tickets awarded varies according to different missions. Lastly, players can buy lottery tickets directly in the game shop, but this requires expenditure of real money or in-game currency earned through game achievements.

How to Participate in the Lottery Draw

After obtaining the lottery draw tickets, players can participate in the lottery draw in the designated area of the game. The lottery draws in the game are divided into two categories: Skin Draws and Hero Draws. Skins are the most popular prize category in the League of Legends mobile game and provide an aesthetic value to players’ heroes. Each draw costs one lottery ticket, while there are discounts for bulk purchase, e.g., drawing for 5 times at once costs only 4 lottery tickets. On the other hand, hero draws are more focused on upgrading your character collection. Players can draw heroes by spending the corresponding number of lottery tickets or choose the ‘Exchange for Hero’ option and trade in multiple un-utilized heroes in exchange for a hero that you want.

Benefits of Lottery Draw in League of Legends Mobile Game

Lottery draws in the League of Legends mobile game have several benefits for players. Firstly, it helps to enhance the fun and excitement of the gaming experience, making it more interesting and engaging. Secondly, lottery draws provide players with various rare skins and heroes, upgrading their gaming assets, and increasing their chances of winning in battles. Lastly, due to the discount offered on bulk purchases, lottery drawing can help players save on virtual gaming currency and maximize value.

In conclusion, participating in lottery draws in the League of Legends mobile game is an exciting and valuable experience, and players should seize the opportunity to participate.


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