League of Legends (LOL) is a popular online multiplayer game with millions of players worldwide. One of the most beloved and exciting characters in the game is Volibear, also known as the “Thunder’s Roar.” As a formidable fighter, Volibear can devastate his opponents with his strength and power. In this article, we will discuss the ideal items and gear or in other words, the “build” for Volibear, also known as the “Ursine” or “Bear” build.

First Build: Core Item

The most crucial item for Volibear is the Trinity Force. This item provides Volibear with an incredible boost in stats, such as attack speed, damage, and critical strike chance. Additionally, some of the abilities that the Trinity Force provides Volibear include the spellblade, which deals bonus damage to the enemies after using an ability. The Trinity Force also provides Volibear with movement speed bonuses, allowing him to chase down his opponents or escape danger. If you are playing as Volibear, make sure you purchase the Trinity Force as your core item.

Second Build: Defensive Items

Volibear’s natural strength and durability make him an ideal tank for any team. However, to truly maximize his potential, you should consider buying some defensive items. A few examples of defensive items include Dead Man’s Plate, Spirit Visage, and Thornmail. Dead Man’s Plate provides Volibear with additional movement speed and increased health regeneration, allowing him to sustain himself during battles. The Spirit Visage increases Volibear’s healing abilities, making him more difficult to take down. The Thornmail is another useful defensive item to consider, as it deals damage to the enemies who try to hurt Volibear. Be sure to invest in at least one defensive item to make Volibear an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Third Build: Offensive Items

Voli can be a devastating force on the battlefield when using the right combination of items. There are several offensive items to choose from, such as the Titanic Hydra, the Sunfire Cape, and the Guardian Angel. The Titanic Hydra provides Volibear with additional damage, as it delivers a powerful AOE attack that can take out several foes at once. The Sunfire Cape is a classic offensive item, providing Volibear with increased health and damage over time. Finally, the Guardian Angel can be a game-changer. If Volibear falls in battle, the Guardian Angel gives him a second chance by reviving him after death. Investing in offensive items can help Volibear take down even the most challenging enemies with ease.

In conclusion, the Volibear “Bear” build is ideal for anyone looking to dominate the battlefield. With the right combination of Trinity Force as the core item, a defensive item, and an offensive item, Volibear can become an unstoppable force. Don’t forget to adjust your build according to your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and always keep an eye out for any changes made to the game that could alter your strategy. Good luck, and have fun as you take on the enemy with Volibear!


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