A Good Man Is Hard To Find – Flannery O’Connor


In this short story religion plays a huge role in the change that the grandmother goes through. It might be hard to understand why the grandmother when from pleading to the serial killer known as the Misfit, to reaching out to the killer in a loving way. It might confuse a lot of people as to why she took this approach but to someone who understands and practices religion it can be easy to decipher. The grandmother is pleading to the man to pray to Jesus so that he may be saved in this tragic moment but the murderer has no intention of doing so, instead continues to drag the family members into the woods killing them with a gun. After everyone is killed the Grandmother has a little change of heart and starts to take a different approach to the Misfit. She obviously is a religious person and even though her family is being murdered she believes that she can find the good in these people. It can be hard for someone to understand why she took that approach with the Misfits murdering her family but she is basing her action off of her beliefs and is very willing to try and help the Misfit find the good in himself. The grandmother’s actions could only be understood in a religious manner. If someone who knew nothing about religion was to listen to this story that person would think that the grandma was crazy in the head.

The Misfit changed in the story as well. At first he stated that the only pleasure in life is meanness. At the moment when he said that he was being a mean and evil person. He was an incarcerated prisoner whose life has always been based on meanness based on the situations that he was in. At the end of the story when the grandmother is killed by the misfit he tells the two buddies that, “there is no real pleasure in life.” This can only mean that something in the thought process of the murderer had to be altered. He probably really heard the grandmother out and it seemed to have stuck with him but he had to do what he had to do based on the situation that he was in, and that’s why he continued on with killing the grandmother. The experience with the grandmother definitely changed the Misfit. The grandma showing some much love and will to help the man find the good in himself through him off his game. She reached to touch his face telling him that he is one of them and that he can be saved but all he has to do was pray to God. Obviously the Misfit wasn’t religious based on some of the comments he said about Jesus to the grandma but it wasn’t religion that saved the man. It was the religious acts of love for anyone in any circumstance that the grandma shows changed the murderer.

Good vs Evil plays a pivotal role in this story as well. From the conversation that the grandmother had when they stopped to get food to the Misfit himself. This can be hard to decipher because most people don’t know what defines Good and what defines Evil.


  1. Wayne Johnston says:

    I don’t know about this. Not much of a Jesus follower. Good vs Evil seems to be a common plot in most action or thriller stories. All this really is a story, fiction based fable. Not much to be said other than God doesn’t exist.

    1. utahsunovens says:

      You know, we just can’t make assumptions that God doesn’t exist. But we can be sure that these religious beliefs put forth by the various religions around the world are surely fable. I have yet to see a solid piece of evidence put forth by any of these sectors, it has all just been “gospel.”

  2. Jay Bunden says:

    When I heard, “money is the root of all evil.” It makes sense because even in present times there’s even more corrupt politicians and policy makers in the government. It is very true though, it will be very hard to find people that are concerned “good moral” people. Everyone nowadays is so rigged into what they think and profit from they fail to realize we can fix this whole system of evil that we currently live in. I’m scared for the future of “good” in this country.

    1. utahsunovens says:

      This “money based economy” is a tricky one to convince people to move away from.

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