Category: The Beginning

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The Skeptics Among Us

There is something to be said of those who do not question everything. An unknown skeptic once said, “Large skepticism leads to large understanding. Small skepticism leads to small understanding. No skepticism leads to no understanding” ( The human race seemingly is clustering cultures together. Through a continuously expanding worldwide network, ideas, entertainment, philosophies, and […]


Pre-Socratic Philosphy

How important do you think the pre-Socratic philosophers were?  Despite how seldom the early pre-Socratic philosophers’ knowledge is talked about, the foundation for change, using reason instead of oral belief, cannot be over looked by this elite group.  Much of their beliefs are considered strange for their time, but without their initial theories there wouldn’t […]

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The Analyzers

Hey there, I see your board. You must have surfed the web’s waves and stumbled on this new land. Welcome to the analyzers. On this side of the interstreams, we do a lot of reading, analyzing, and talking. Some topics will include Greek Sociology, Popular Culture, Mainstream Media, Psychology, and the role of the human consciousness […]