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To me, while reading this article, the author made me feel as if the media, and the opinions of others, not ourselves, are conforming our ideas to all belong to certain groups and no other. He tells of “the vivid image of girls prostrate on chaise-longues, immersed in their worthless novels” (49). Due to the ingraining of this imagery on society, standards for reading can change for people. Now some men, see reading as a feministic activity, as evidenced by this, “At one point, Valentin condemns himself for his ‘weak-ness’ in becoming attached to the characters in one of the stories and feeling sad that the ‘film’ has ended . It becomes clear that Valentin associates this ‘weak-ness’ with femininity and fears the passivity involved in the processes of identi-fication and empathy” (50).” Some have caught on to the messages being sent by the media.

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  1. Steve Barsanti says:

    Not too sure what the blog is about but any prostitution by any means is sad and should never be rewarded.

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