Juan Flores – Pueblo Pueblo Discussion

I enjoy reading popular culture articles, and this one really stuck out to me and made me think of the correlation to the stories of a famous poet.

As soon as I began reading the article, the first thing that popped into my head was the difference between classes of society. To me, there are two classes to society, the rich, and everyone else. This paper discusses this when it says “the ‘popular classes,’and its content the traditions and everyday life of communities and their resistance to social domination. It is typically referred to as ‘low’ culture, or ‘subculture,’ and marked off from the ‘high’ culture of the elite” (72). This particular reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book on two competing classes of animal. One class was something like the Sneeches, and the other Snooches. The Sneechers had stars on their bellies and were always happy because they felt they were the cool ones. The Snooches were jealous of the Sneeches because they had a bare belly and the Sneeches acted cooler, and the Snooches wished they could have belly stars. Then some man comes to town and charges the Snooches money to put stars on their bellies to be just like the Sneeches. Sneeches, not wanting Snooches to be mixed among them are convinced by the same man to pay to take the stars off so they do. Then the Sneeches copy the Snooches and take their stars off, and the whole situation plays over and over again until the man who came to town collects all of their money and the Sneeches and Snooches solve nothing except how to lose all of their money.

“‘How to define this people?’ he asks, and responds with an explanation which points to a novel way to get beneath the representational and ideological constructions of popular culture that prevail in the public mind. ‘To define it is easy,’ he says, ‘but how difficult it is to describe it! It is people people [pueblo pueblo], my Puerto Rican people in all its contradictory diversity” (76) This quote, and my sneeches and snooches story represent what really matters in the world. How diverse each and every single on of us are . It is difficult to represent people as a mass in negative connotations when there is something that makes each one of us original. Corporate media has tried to instill in everyone what is cool, and what is popular, but if we just try and think of their motive, we will come to the same outcome every single time. It is done for the money every time.

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